Allison Luce

“Primoris Ortus” explores fragility and femininity and its relation to the concept of eternity through printmaking, connecting my artwork made in a post-modern context to the rich and ancient history of drawing. These prints are linocuts, made by transferring a drawing onto a piece of linoleum, and then carving out the design. I edition small sets of 10-15 linocuts relating the color to the pattern.

Some of the prints are more painterly. In this circumstance, after I am done with a single color edition, I take the plate and add different colors of ink. These prints become monoprints, where no print is exactly the same. I start by rolling a single color onto the surface of the plate. After the background color is in place, I add thicker colors of complementary inks onto different areas. After this process is complete, I pull the print. While the plate has not changed significantly, this process results in a print that is completely unique. 

Drawing inspiration from nature as well as art history, this series of prints links my current life with a visual history from the past. The idea for this body of work comes from the story of the Garden of Eden and investigates the frailty of the body and the fallibility of man. Referencing nature as well as the body, these drawings are about birth, growth and temptation. I derive the designs for my prints from my extensive travels and incorporate the colors, textures and patterns of what I see into my artwork.