Denise Jenkins

My journey into the world of metal began in college when I took a 3 dimensional art requirement class. From the very first time I lit up a torch to solder with, I have been entranced with the fluidity of form that metals are capable of. That event occurred in 1988. Since then I have cold forged, cast, anodized, hammered, soldered, melted, molded, and alloyed metals. Gemstones became a huge revelation to me when I first attended the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in 1990. The world tilted and I bought everything in sight until my pocketbook was empty. I took my booty home and began integrating gemstones and silver into designs. 

For my artistic muse to be working I require an even balance of metal and gemstone. My favored techniques tend to be soldering and hand fabrication at this time. Sometimes the gemstone is considered first for the design, and at other times the metalwork is foremost and a stone is used to enhance the design. Either way, it is serendipitous when I can use fire, acid, silver, and gorgeous stones to make a piece of art. Beauty speaks for itself, and at the end of the day it is a feeling of satisfaction to look upon what your hands have created.