Esther Sullivan

For me, art making is a moving meditation. In these expressive times, using intuition as my guide, my own experiences in life are reflected in the pieces I create. Exploring outside is where I feel that connection again, between my soul and the natural world and that feeling is translated into my work as well. I use advanced metalsmithing techniques including reticulation, varied hammering methods and patina work to create the texture and contrasts that begin the storytelling process. Old tools are used with reclaimed sterling silver and gold, all holding their own history, which are the building blocks from which the new work takes form. My hope is that these jewelry pieces are wearable reminders of how through our scars and imperfections we can see our brightest light and deepest beauty, and with all of it we can become even more strong and new. This work is a celebration, a recognition, of both the light and the dark, that there is perfection in the imperfection.