Joe Hobbs

The work I make is a commentary of human condition in reference to our surroundings.  My work is a dialogue with the viewer about experiences and feelings when confronted with the universal concepts of nature and life. More simply put , what it is to be human. My work consists primarily of glass, ceramic, paint, wood and metal. These are materials we as humans come in contact with everyday. I am exploring the relationship these materials have and each piece is a conversation with the space it is in. The reason I make my work is to create a moment between the viewer and myself. Through sharing an experience I want to involve the viewer to make a personal connection with the piece. I see a connection between the glass and our own memory, the way  in one moment a memory can take form and be molded, then later crystallize and become so fragile and transparent.


Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee but grew up in the Bahamas, Key West , Camarillo and Monterey. Hobbs studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, California College of Arts and Pilchuck Glass School. He earned his BFA in sculpture from the University of West Florida and has worked with glass for two decades now. He was the founding glass artist in residence at the Belmont Art Center (which is now the First City Art Center) in Pensacola, Florida. Currently, Joe resides in Pensacola and makes his work at First City Art Center.