Julia Lawing

I paint because it engages my senses, my mind, my soul, and stirs a passion in me unlike anything else. My aim is visual poetry that is simultaneously elusive and evocative. I want the viewer to look into the painting, not merely at it. Combining brushmarks, knifework and reverberating color, I desire to send the viewer on a journey that speaks life to the soul. It's as much about the interplay of paint and surface as it is about the visual subject itself. My desire is to pay homage to the beauty that captivated my attention in the first place, and for the paint to reflect that vitality. My art exploration parallels my faith. There’s no end to the journey, but the reward is a wellspring of revelation that helps me know myself, the world, and my God more fully. "Art is communication.” ― Madeleine L'Engle