L'Atelier Pottery

I have always struggled with the lack of practical function of art objects. Throughout my life, I have focused on more commercial art mediums like photography or graphic design as a means of producing something useful. My current work is another realization of my need to create something visually stimulating while also functional, bringing elements from both these disciplines to clay. I use a combination of stoneware and earthenware clays. I choose to use clays in two different firing ranges because of the visual qualities of the clay. I am attracted to the rich red that the low fire earthenware brings and the texture of the speckled stoneware. Because of I often use a combination of screen printed slip transfers, stained terra sigillata, and underglazes to create detailed graphic imagery, Iike for the clay to remind the viewer it is there through distinct color or texture. Most pieces are a combination of slabs and molded forms. Their compositions are often streamlined to act more as functional canvases for graphic imagery while allowing for a hint that they are handmade through seams and texture. The imagery is often hand carved and geometric or slip transfers from digital patterns I’ve created. I frequently choose elements found in nature, then compose to form a pattern. I enjoy the relationship between organic objects and their transformation when placed in repetition or reduced to a high contrast format. Each piece is having a sort of conversation with itself about handmade or organic themes and more man-made interpretations. They are a balanced juxtaposition of organic and synthetic, rigid and imperfect. -Katie Peraudeau