Liz Kelly

I make functional pottery in my studio adjacent to downtown Raleigh. I am inspired by traditional craft and contemporary design. My work explores functional home goods that connect the user with material and experience. I use tactile forms and responsive decoration to accent and compliment the home environment and inspire hospitality. These influences are expressed in wares that are earthy and elegant with a modern approach to handmade pottery. The handmade qualities of pottery and the beauty of clay are as integral to my wares as their usefulness. My pots are not a necessity; rather, they communicate the journey of skill building and cultivating an intentional life. My degree in Design Studies from The College of Design at N.C. State gave me an opportunity to ground my research in design’s craft origins. Learning the interrelated histories of craft and design introduced me to a legacy of functional beauty. I take this values-driven approach is inherent in my studio practice and business. Recent evolutions in my work include a large-scale installation and the inclusion of graphic elements derived from commercial decals. The installation entitled “195 Gestures of Love and Kindness” resides at local restaurant and bar, Gallo Pelón, since July of 2016. The project was a realization of the owner’s vision of an overwhelming

scale of mounted vessels that pays thanks to her community of supporters. I have added a new layer of decoration to my pots through use of custom iron and commercial decals. The addition of these visual layers adds the tension of old and new, instinctual forms adorned with highly detailed decoration and an unexpected use of familiar motifs. This technique had led to collaboration with local restaurant, Stanbury, this year. Their commercial porcelain plates and bowls feature a mixture of portraiture and vintage floral decoration that compliment the restaurant’s atmosphere. In the near future I plan on continuing my partnerships with local businesses, making wares for them that echo and add to their brand. I am also exploring a line of hanging lamps and wall hardware with local artist, Sarah Tector, to explore the interior design possibilities of ceramics. I look forward to working with my community to grow my business and practice.