Muro Jewelry

I make modern colorful jewelry that appeals to the modern woman. My jewelry is three dimensional, made out of different metals, wood and resin. I approach each of my creations as a unique sculptural piece.


Everything I create is handmade in my studio. Every piece has been designed following the shape and grain of the wood, applying the flexibility of smooth metals, the rich colors of natural pigments, and using a free style structural approach inspired by my background in Architecture.

The pieces are colorful, often times getting unexpected materials to interact with each other like resin casted over burled wood. The techniques I use for making the jewelry are taken from different disciplines, from metalsmithing, to woodworking to color illustration, I am always learning and experimenting new processes and apply them in my work. Because my creative process is so fluid the end result is always different and unique - while one of my metal/resin earrings might be finished with colors that look like a beautiful translucent emerald green, the next one can look like a green marble stone. On the same vein, when working with wood and resin the final piece of jewelry will be dictated by the form and shape of the wood, making every piece different.