PINE Magazine

Here’s what we believe: unabashed is beautiful, un-retouched is brave, facades are cowardly, a printed piece beats an online piece, and talent shines.  With flaws, comes allure; with the ability to touch, comes great emotion.  PINE is a tangible emporium of aptitude, a non-virtual, non-glossy magazine, featuring artists, rebels and pioneers.  PINE is also a reclaiming.  By starting a magazine, we are reviving our moxie, the fearless spirit we possessed as children, untamed by peers, high school, and societal expectations.  We are sticking our necks out, paying homage to those who inspire us to remember when we shamelessly wore floral pantsuits, belted songs on stage (unaware we could possibly be bad), and sincerely believed an enormous banana-shaped necklace paired perfectly with gym shorts.  PINE extols those who choose to be vulnerable, who live with force, and who generously share their talent/purpose with us.         

So, here’s to the steadfast, the blatant, and the saucy!