SiloKnoll Pottery

Silo Knoll Pottery aspires to create functional pottery designed for everyday living. We envision the recipients being inspired by the contrast of colors woven together through the use of nature and patterns.  The white clay body is our medium of choice as it lends itself to be calming or invigorating depending on the color palette used. It is our hope that every pot find a home where it is timeworn with love. 

I, Casia Beck started my journey with clay in high school. The art teacher offered a hand building class that explored different ways to make pots. There was a wheel in the class that was only used if you finished your project. It was my mission to get in the wheel. After using it once I was hooked. I did clay on and off until I moved to NC 11 years ago. From there I took several different classes at Greensboro Art Alliance, Sawtooth School for Visual Art, Penland School of Craft, and Arrowmount School of Arts and Crafts. In the last 2 years I have been transitioning into doing pottery full time. In 2016 I started Silo Knoll Pottery. 

Pam Taylor began pottery 11 years ago when she took her first class in Greenville, SC. She fell in love with making pot instantly. Pam has been taking class at Sawtooth School for Visual arts for many years. She was offered a teaching position there 2 years ago. She teaches adult beginning/intermediate, and teenage wheel throwing classes. Her passion for making pots helps shape the way student learn from her. She joined the Silo Knoll Pottery family 5 months ago and has been a valuable asset. 

 Working as a team has given both of us a chance to learn from each other and be a support system in the creative process. We collaborate on designs, shapes, colors, and much more. Being in a partnership is a blessing that spills over onto our pots!