Terry Covington

I consider myself a self-taught artist, although I did have high school art classes and one semester of community college “intro to Art” classes.

As for back as I can remember I have been writing or drawing or creating in some way. My first experience in three-dimensional work came when I apprenticed as an aircraft mechanic. I was taught sheet metal fabrication as well as the mechanical working during the time I worked that field. I enjoyed them both and seemed to have a knack for fabrication.

When my husband died I threw myself into making art, converting our dining room into a studio. Since then, almost twenty years now, I have worked at making art while being a single parent trying to stay above water financially. Some year I have been prolific. Some years I have not made a thing. I have learned when I am not making art of some kind I feel adrift, rudderless. I need to do it.

I have always used the material at hand. I started with papier-mâché because I didn’t have to buy and supplies except wallpaper paste. Newspapers are always around. I originally built up solid to keep from having to buy materials to make a frame. I like the heft of the solid pieces. I save colored tissue paper from birthday parties and other gift giving events.

I like the challenge of balance when I make large pieces. I also like to draw. I occasionally make a painting. If I see an idea s three-dimensional I make it that way. If I see it as a painting, I make a painting. I also sew and make whatever is needed around the house with whatever materials are at hand.

I make what I can with what I have because I am compelled to- both financially and emotionally.