Block21Prints creates original linocut art that aims to spread joy, happiness and kindness one item at a time.  


A Linocut starts with an image on pencil and paper.  It is then transferred to a piece of linoleum.  The image is then carved out to create a stamp, called a block.  That block is used to print onto clothing and all types of fabrics.  The printed image is also worked into a digital file which is then applied to a variety of products such as stickers, wash tape, greeting cards, iron-on patches and belts.


Block21Prints aims to make people smile, to send virtual hugs, to make ones surroundings a little bit brighter.  The mission behind Block21Prints is to encourage individuals to do good, no matter how small an act, creating ripples of generosity.  Block21Prints just wants everyone to Be A Nice Human.