I am an artist, I am a craftsman. The act of refining my craft, of slowly but constantly improving my work and my understanding of the ideas I seek to convey is akin, to me, to the tending of a garden. You work, toiling away in the dirt and, eventually, you are rewarded for your efforts. You are creating something of the earth to which you have a deep connection. It is the fruit of your labor and from the knowledge of this you attain a profound sense of satisfaction, knowing that you have made something tangible, useful, and nourishing. Ideas arise from process; they are dug out of history and reflect deeply upon form and symbol, seeking that which is essential. The work speaks to an idyllic representation of nature, a construct of memory, something beautiful, and longed for, and lost. Influences and inspirations grow together and, over time, take a form which becomes more clear and more refined through practice and reflection.