einamade is pronounced “ā-na made”

I was first introduced to clay while studying studio art in college. I was fascinated by taking a lump of clay and turning it into a functional or sculptural object by using my hands, the science of glazes and the fire of the kiln. My functional ceramics bridge the gap between art and function. I love bringing a bit of extra color and whimsy to everyday objects. I enjoying playing with textures and colors in the decoration of my work. Nature, vintage and modern textiles, and the printmaking process inspire me. I create my work using both wheel and hand-building methods. Using underglazes and slips I can get the vibrant colors you see on my work. I use a sgraffito technique to carve through the underglaze and reveal the clay underneath. The white lines or texture you see on my work is where I have carved away the underglaze or slip. My work is fired to stoneware temperatures and is ready to use for food and drink.