Having worked commercially for 20 years in commercial illustration off and on I have found what truly inspires my creativity is magic. I’ve always been drawn to fantastical art and enjoy the creative process the most when I’m tapping into that part of my imagination.


When my daughter was young, much of my art was geared to letting her live part time immersed in a world where fairies replied to her questions in a journal, she became a spy, the wizarding world replied to her letters in calligraphy filled letters and whimsical games were the norm. Out of which I found a voice and style I adore. Silly, magical and joyful is my hope in my illustrations, sculptures and games. 

Attended UNC-G for a degree in fine art sculpture 1988 to 1892

Studied under Jim Moon 1999 to 2005 

Game design (“Election Day”) in a permanent collection in the Smithsonian