Kirsten's architectural and organic illustrations embark a second life as she re-imagines her work onto new 3D forms. You can use, wear and gift her small batch creations. The KLoRebel art brand is 100% hand-drawn + handcrafted in her home town of Pittsburgh, PA. 


"I like to think of my drawings more as pattern or rhythms that I am able to then collage in making small, wearable, sculpture pieces out of the actual art prints themselves. PAPER drawings, METAL, Stone; I love the simplicity of these materials. With nothing more then pen and paper, these raw materials helped to inspire my more recent textile line as well." 


Feeling a strong connection to time and place Kirsten's work embodies an intimacy with architecture, large structures and even memory. Her product line is a more secular reflection of the historical religious art and decor she has always admired.