Michael Marx

I create jewelry that is wearable sculpture. I believe that jewelry is not just for the embellishment and adornment of the body with precious metals. Jewelry should not be any less of a medium for provocation than any other art form, and so, it is not exempt from having to provoke a response.

I have been a sculptor and artist as long as I can remember. My childhood gifts were art supplies as often as they were toys or books. In the beginning, I sculpted in FIMO, a polymer clay, and this honed my ability to transform my visions into 3-D images. In 2000, I took my first PMC (precious metal clay) class and was hooked. PMC’s affinity for texture, flexibility of form, and choices of finishing techniques make it ideal for me as an artist. The combinations of fine detail, high texture and varied forms are not easily achieved using traditional methods of casting and fabrication.