Artist Statement

My inspiration for painting comes from the natural world and how we live in it. Beautiful trees, in sunlight and shadow with foliage moving, constantly forming and changing shapes call to me. Old houses, untended fields, utilitarian barns, while seemingly commonplace, strike me as lovely images to be cherished. This deep attraction I feel for our world is what I try to capture for the viewer, hoping these quiet moments can forever be enjoyed.



Seeing possibilities in nearly everything has shaped Susan Smoot into an artist and maker. She studied fine art at Appalachian State University, earning a BA in Painting. During years in the corporate world of advertising, she investigated and experimented with many creative expressions. She has studied with locally and nationally recognized artists to further her abilities and strengthen her skills to develop a straightforward painting style, elevating the commonplace to art. Smoot is an award-winning artist who teaches classes when possible. In addition to watercolor, the artist also works in pastels, acrylics, and book and fiber art.