I have climbed and loved trees since I was a child. I have built a log cabin and a house from trees that I cut down, saving trees from being clearcut in the process. I’ve written songs about the woods, mountains, lakes and trees and the last house that I built was substantially from buildings that I tore down.  I am currently on a mission to make my jewelry, as much as possible, from recycled materials and hopefully local materials. Some of my earrings are 100% recycled and scrap.  You will find listed on the back of the display card: dead hemlock twigs, piano keys, 1854 Shipwreck ebony, piano string copper, violin bows, 1865 outhouse seat pine, chestnut from barns, covered bridge pine, guitar string ball endings, square brass tube from blackberry phone builders, violin maker scrap maple, wooden ship builders scraps, cows milk finish.  It’s on the cards!  A proud bottom feeder am I!  Sterling silver ear wires and black rubber cord necklaces with sterling clasps that are made in the U.S. are supplied with my products.